Mainstream Media Distortion

BBC Scotland - The Unionists' Most Powerful Weapon

"There are literally scores of examples of BBC Scotland news promoting stories that are at best questionable, marginalising stories that deserved greater priority or even ignoring stories altogether. The common denominator is that it is always the SNP led Scottish government that suffers and it’s always the UK government that benefits."

In England Schools Are Blamed But Here It's The SNP

"Nothing more clearly and shockingly for democracy captures the anti-SNP bias in our MSM. I’ve shown before how only BBC Scotland uses images of politicians with reports of NHS problems. BBC UK, England, N Ireland and Wales rarely if ever even mention a politician, but blame the health boards or contractors. The Herald today, as did Reporting Scotland last night, travel in their challenged little minds, from the exam results quickly past many potentially responsible groups to point the finger of blame at the SNP [Government]. The headline claim is risible."

BBC Get Their Facts Wrong - But No Apology

"If the BBC run a fact check on a BBC interview with a leading politician, and find that only the interviewer got his facts wrong, you'd expect the article to say something like - "This means that Mr Neil was not strictly correct in the claims he made in his questioning, and the BBC would like to extend our apologies to Ms Sturgeon and to viewers for this inadvertent error".  As they haven't done that, and as they've essentially just ignored the blatant contradiction between statements made in the fact check and claims made by Mr Neil in his questions, what conclusions are we entitled to draw?"