UK Pensions Are At The Bottom Of The Pile

"This is a shameful chart https://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/finance-and-investment/oecd-pensions-at-a-glance_19991363'); from the OECD report ‘Pensions at a Glance’ which shows that the UK has the second lowest pension rate of the countries surveyed – and easily the lowest for any OECD country when viewed as a percentage of the average working wage.

The OECD average is 63% and for the EU it is 71%; Britain’s figure is just 29%".

The Pensions Scare Story

"During the independence referendum of 2014, there were numerous reports of anti-independence activists who were canvassing on doorsteps, telling elderly people that if Scotland became independent, then they would lose their pensions. This was scaremongering of the very worst sort, an overt attempt to bully elderly people who very often subsist on one of the worst state pensions in Europe, threatening them with losing even the meagre pittance that the British state pension provides. The threat was absolutely, categorically, untrue. What made it all the more vile was that the British Government itself had already guaranteed that existing pensioners would continue to receive their state pensions."

Question BY Ian Blackford MP about Pension Credit on 6 February 2019

I welcome the Minister to his place. While the chaos of the UK Government’s shambolic Brexit negotiations has dominated the headlines, this Government have sneaked through a cut in pension credit that will see some couples up to £7,000 a year worse off. An estimated 300,000 more pensioners are now living in poverty than in 2012. Does the Minister agree that his Government need to change course and, instead of robbing pensioners, start supporting them?

Mr Lidington

I think that the right hon. Gentleman is talking about the situation of mixed-age couples with one person over pensionable age and receiving a pension and the other of working age. What the Government have done—indeed, what this House voted for some years ago—is perfectly logical and in line with the intention of the benefits system.

Ian Blackford

We certainly did not vote for that. What we have seen from this Government is that they continue to put their hands into the pockets of the poorest in our society. In fact, this Tory Government are allowing a proposal to take free TV licences from pensioners. It is this Conservative Government who are denying women born in the 1950s their full rights to state pensions. It is this Tory Government who preside over the lowest state pension in any developed country—quite shameful. Pensioner poverty is not a myth; it is a reality. With Scottish pensioners being short-changed by the UK Government, the Minister must agree that the only way to end pensioner poverty in Scotland is to put fairness back into our pension system and give older people the dignity that they deserve in retirement—for pension reform to be taken on by the Scottish Government in an independent Scotland, where we take our responsibilities seriously.