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We all know that electricity prices will rise massively. This will have a disproportionate effect on older people like me, and other  less well off individuals, eg the unemployed and the low waged. But it will also have an effect on the economy due to higher utility costs for businesses. It is estimated that rises in costs of over 100% will not be uncommon.

We call on Government to take active steps now to protect the most vulnerable in our society, and the economy in general, by tackling the causes of these rises at source. Government has the power to cap prices, by using the money that we, the taxpayers give them. They need to focus on the health and welfare of the 99% of people who will be hardest hit by these rises-the older age group, the low waged, the more vulnerable, the housebound. Government exists to act on behalf of those who elect them.  We cannot continue to live in conditions where people have to chose between heating and eating, or are being asked to give up things that the better off can take for granted. The more of us who make our voices heard on this subject, the more likely that Parliament will have to take action.

Billions have been spent on failed projects. Time to spend our money on things that will have a real benefit.